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The average guy looks for a meaning in his life after a considerable journey through it . But what do I want ? I want to beat the averages and find the real me !! Will I succeed ? Fingers Crossed !!

Friday, January 02, 2009

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy New Year !!


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi !!

Me and my worries !! I think we are married to each other and the way things are going now , I have a bad feeling that I will have to do what Shah Rukh did in the movie to get around ; become someone else !!

Here is how that someone should be :

  1. Totally Wealthy
  2. With a lot of investments that are in the green
  3. With a totally understanding family
  4. Should be a good planner
  5. Weighing less than me
  6. More mobile than me
  7. Earns more than me
  8. Looks better than me

Whoa !!
What am I doing ? Dreaming in the day with my eyes open !!
Hmm , lemme get back to solving my woes !!
Ciao till tommorow


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Monday, December 15, 2008

We have a date !!

I finally have a date for the first of the three surgeries that will get me back to normalcy . Somehow , I dont feel all that happy . My past experiences with surgeries havent been pleasant at all .The last one I had ; knocked me out of action for almost a year and when I came back , it was painful , very very very painful .

Maybe I am just being a child , medicine does improve in 20+ years and I am sure it has . I am just paranoid ; I just need to relax and let it happen and everything will be ok . Just that having a dependent family puts that much more pressure on you to not go out of action . My family is far more important than anything else to me .

The day is Friday and let me keep my fingers crossed !!

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lost again ??

  1. I dunno what the Yanks are upto
  2. I dunno what the Desis are upto
  3. I dunno what I am upto
  4. I dunno what the market is upto
  5. I dunno what the industry is upto

I know I am lost !!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Languishing in La La Land :(

My dear Seniors and Elders

I am trying to get my health fixed . Without that , I cannot be around for my son and my family . Why in the name of sweet heavens dont you understand that ? Everybody is carried away with a list of things that they think is important . Well here is the bottom line ; I have decided to have a life and I will live my life ; whatever whoever thinks I dont care . I owe a healthy life to me and my family .

If there are commitments getting delayed
If there is a project getting delayed
If I loose my job

Well , guess what ? I DONT CARE !!
I have had enuf living a second grade life and want my life back

I dont care what who thinks anymore .

Thanks for your understanding


Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Crow and the Swans ??

What chance does the former have to get even minimal credence in the presence of the latter ? ZERO !!

That is what I , Me and Shakthi feel today

(Sorry abt this obnoxious post, but I just write what I feel)


Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Bday Sus !!

Have a Blast and have it throughout the year !!

You deserve the very best of everything and you will get it .
You are a glowing example of spirit , grit and determination 

No No : No Hindi poem ;-)

HBD !!


Thursday, November 06, 2008

"Forever" - What a thought !

There are things that fascinate me from childhood . "Forever" is one of them . The very concept of forever is very intriguing . When did time start and when will it end ? What a fantastic thought ! Truly needs a fertile mind to think it up and make sense out of it . Come to think of it , something or someone that will be there forever !! Wowee!!

With that thought ; I started thinking , if forever was true , what would I want forever ? Then there would be a list of things there , some that I am used to and many that I want to be used to . So here goes my forever list .

Things I want forever :

  1. Hari
  2. Hema
  3. All my relatives
  4. Sus
  5. My Sense of Humor
  6. Rajesh and Sampath

Now down to the why part of this list . Let us take them one by one .

Hari is the center of my universe and If I am to be ; he has to be otherwise I am not . That is the best way to put it
Hema is me and together we are WE , the very essence of me
My relatives are the completely total support system I have and they are necessary for everything
Sus , you must be surprised to find you here in this list ; well frankly so am I , never before has someone become so important , valuable and totally reliable for me ever in my insignificant life so far . I alone know the number of times that you have supported me when I was down and out and there are no words to describe that ; even my family knows that very well . so I figure if there is a forever , our friendship deserves it ! What say ?

My Sense of humor is the only thing that is between where I am today and what I would have been otherwise ; so i want to keep it forever too

Rajesh and Sampath : Two of my best friends who will do anything for me and I will do anything for them ; they are the pillars of my thoughts , plans and everything . They kinda complete my world . They are like little brothers who are growing up and growing up Fast . I want to have them also with me forever .

That's all , not a very long forever list na ?
See you soon !!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sus - The Cool Cucumber !!

A very Happy Diwali to all of you . An occasion demands a spl write up , and what can be better than writing about the most special friend I have - Sus ; The Cool Cucumber !! I remember first meeting her on the floor roughly two years ago . We were sitting right opposite each other and dint even speak to each other for the first two days . By that time I was stifled with the stiff upper lip on the floor that everybody had and wanted to talk to someone before I died of shock ! I then started talking to everybody who I came across and first on that list was Madam Sus . And believe me ; there are many things I did wrong ; but that is the RIGHTEST thing that I have done in a long long time now and boy am I glad I did it !! Very rarely does a friend like her come along - very practical ; very supportive and always there . You know what is the best thing about her ; She can listen to you abt anything ; meaning that there is no topic that you can't talk with her . All her suggestions are right there and she does a lot of analysing very fast . Together we have had what can be called very clearly the most funniest moments that anybody on the floor has had in this project and there are many pple who will vouch for that . Whenever the chips are down (believe me ; that is just too often in my life :) ) she is there for me . She calls me the liveliest person on the floor , but she is the alivest person on the floor . She keeps my spirits going by just being there and not having any rules to be there . She is also like me ; comes to office early and leaves pretty late (rare group of people who don't wake up at 11:00 am ) . There have been many a times when I was under MAJOR stress and she just supports me through the whole experience . I also have a doubt that she is a Dhoni fan :) (she denied that though) .  

Here is what I would summarize this as " Most people read history , people like Sus ; write it !!" 

Sorry Sus , No Hindi poetry at the end !! 

Ciao till the next post 

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Managing the future

As it turns out , this is very very tough ; future is something that people rarely think of , leave alone plan for .Even if they do plan , most of the times the plan and the happenings never coincide . So when it comes to managing the future of a bunch of young people , wow !! whattefun !!

First up , they have no idea what they are doing and how it gells with the team and the industry .Next is that they have a bunch of totally misguided peers to give them solid misdirection , the last but not the least is their adamant refusal to climb out of the shells that they call their comfort zones . Well if Edison and Galileo and Newton stuck to doing what they are comfortable with , you can guess what would have happened .

Forget comparisons to greatness ; come down to the earth .These energetic young guys look like China clay and you start believing that they can be moulded into professionals and then you start only to realise that they are porcelain , tough to reshape once shaped . You hurt your own hands and fingers after that . Then they come and ask you not "Are you hurt ?" but "Why did you even try , aint it my life ?"

Well my dear youg friends that is the point ; it is your life and you get precisely only one shot at it , and when people hardened by life tell you things , it is not just because they like hearing their own voice

Have a great life ahead !!


Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Team ??

There are things that are close to your heart . There are things that you build from scratch and feel proud about . There are things that you hold very dear to yourself . My dear reader , in my case one of the things that I hold very close to my heart is my team . I always treat them and think of them as my family , but then in all this thought lines I forgot about what they think about me ; Guess what ? I found out the hard way . In a pressure situation ; they chose someone else over me .

Not that I am anybody to dictate their choices ; but just that the effort I put in into this team is so close to my heart that even me; the hardened pro ; could not take it . But I guess that is where life teaches lessons ; the boy in the park ; my financial scene ; my health ; my mobility and now my team are all lessons in life for me .

Where did I go wrong ? I am sure that it is me who is at fault again with my royal expectations from the people that I regard as close to me . Where was the issue ? I remember the good old days when there were just 4 of us and we worked and played absolutely hard .I felt like I had another family back then .We used to look forward to Fridays and have a blast .

Even if the scene at home went bad ; the guys were there like solid rock and supported me to the hilt . What went wrong ? I gave them things that they can only dream ofand I even made them comfy with the top brass ;

Looks like their false sense of companionship and team are getting in the way of their judgement and screwing the ability to see things clearly . Am I getting restless unecessarily ? Am i loosing it ? Is my team pissed with me ?? Where do I stand now ? I am lost and need help urgently , I am thinking ; "Is this time to change things or the place ??"

Help me out here